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The most thorough and inclusive one-day Eyelash Extension Certification Course available. An exceptional combination of theory and practical hands-on training delivered by our experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable instructors.

The Cosmetologists and Estheticians that attend our certification classes receive the highest quality training by the most skilled instructors in the industry. Successful completion of the course requires that you demonstrate comprehension of the key concepts and theory of lash extensions and that you can perform the application technique in a safe, efficient, and confident manner.

As our student, you will always have a place to come and get advice. A current cosmetology or esthetician license is required to attend the class. New Lash Artists are encouraged to take this class along with cosmetology or esthetics students who are currently enrolled in a state accredited beauty school.

Nothing is better than a hands-on eyelash extension training from an expert eyelash extension instructor. Sit side by side with an instructor and watch as eyelash extensions are applied. 

This course will supply you with a starter kit where you can then decide which line you would like to use and purchase on your own. We use a variety of lashes and glues for a solid all-around non-biased training session. This also helps us keep the cost of the class down for those that want to attain certification and purchase based on their budget. 

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