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Permanent Makeup Eye Liner


Eyeliner can be a lovely solution for clients who wish to eliminate their daily makeup routine or who cannot wear cosmetics. The procedure for doing eyeliner is as straight-forward as it is complicated.

There are many considerations to doing eyeliner correctly. Critical things like anesthetics, proper application, pigment choice, dilution of pigment, machines and needles as well as style and design all come into play when planning and performing an eyeliner treatment on a client.

This course will cover these areas in detail and address many of the pitfalls artists face as they learn to master eyeliner application. 

As with eyeliner, the course will cover the same issues related to anesthetic, pigment, tools and equipment. Adding eyeliner procedures to the list of services you perform enhances your position as an artist your clients trust.

STARTER KIT INCLUDED IN TRAINING COST; kit with a color for practice, skins, tools and pencils etc. plus manual, video instruction, on-going support



This is a beginner’s course. Prior to each student attending a link of pre-course work will be sent out to include Bloodborne Pathogens Certification. This course is not under Cosmetologist.  Therefore, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN ESTHETICIAN OR A COSMETOLGIST TO TAKE THIS COURSE.

On line Available!

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